Last month we posted a blog post about the possibility of PG slots and how we felt it would be a great way to introduce new players to the world of poker. Since that post we have been watching the conversation develop and we want to share our thoughts on the topic.

Our first reaction to the discussion was that PG slots seemed like a good idea. The first thought was that the potential for abuse was huge and we wondered if we should be concerned about that. So we started to do some research and we quickly realized that the problem of abuse was not a problem that we were likely to face. Even if there was a possibility that some players could be cheating we felt confident that we had a system in place to catch it.

We were also concerned about the impact that this change would have on our players. How would this change affect how players in the US would feel about the game? Would it be possible for US players to play poker games outside of the US? How would this change impact how we attract new players and how would we be able to support them?

We started to think about these things and we decided to do some further research. We contacted other operators and poker sites and we started to ask some key questions.

What kind of player are we talking about?

The first question we asked ourselves was, “What kind of player are we talking about?”. We decided that we would classify PG slots into three categories. The three categories were:

“Players that are new to the poker business and may not be familiar with the rules or poker etiquette and therefore would not be able to play at a poker table”

“Players that are already familiar with the poker business and would be able to follow the rules”

“Players that already play poker in their native countries and would be able to play at a poker table”

Our first reaction was that we would have to be concerned about players that are new to the poker business. We were concerned about whether we would be able to attract these players to our site. However, when we did our research we found that this was not a major issue. We have found that the vast majority of our players are already familiar with poker etiquette and we don’t think that our players would have any difficulty in playing PG slots. We also talked to our friends at another poker site that has a lot of players in the US and we realized that they were also worried about how this change would impact their players. More details click this link

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